Issue 132: Rewrite scope note of E51 Contact Point

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This class comprises identifiers used to communicate with instances of E39 Actor. 
Comment from Barry Smith: "I have no idea what this means"
Comment from Stephen Stead: "Rewrite"

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Rewrite phrase: "Should we make E51Contact Point ISA E41 Appellation"


The question was how to describe a change of address and contact point. In order to be a contact point it is necessary to exist an activity.
Decision: Contact point is an identifier associated with a service or a planned activity.
Martin will write a scope note.

Edinburgh 10/7/2007 

New Scope Note

E51 Contact Point
This class comprises identifiers employed, or understood, by communication services to direct communications to an instance of E39 Actor. These include E-mail addresses, telephone numbers, post office boxes, Fax numbers, etc. Most postal addresses can be considered both as instances of E44 Place Appellation and E51 Contact Point. In such cases the subclass E45 Address should be used.

Heraklion, May 2008