Issue 156: Measuring activities

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Stephen Stead presented his slideshow on "Interesting features of the CIDOC CRM". The questions here was how we measure distance or how we can consider distance as duration of an activity (mileage) and if we only consider measuring things how we determine F-stop.

Stephen proposed that we need something to measure process and dimension of process. Then the group discussed about special and spatiotemporal distance and we accepted that visual items include measurements.

Current Proposal: 

Two new issues are introduced about measuring activities, and creating a class for aural items (on the same pattern as E36 Visual Item). Stephen should find examples for these issues by end of September.

Edinburgh 10/7/2007


Resolving the issue 156, about measuring the process and the dimension of process we decided to change the range of P39 to be  E1 CRM Entity instead of E70 Thing.

Crete, May 2008