Issue 208: New property for E55 Type about narrower term partitive

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On 14/11/2011 in 24th CIDOC SIG meeting and the 18th FRBR -CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, discussing about FRSAD THEMA-to-THEMA Relationships Hierarchical(5.3.1) 
We decided that we need a new property for E55 Type about narrower term partitive 

Current Proposal: 

P150 defines typical parts of (defines typical wholes for) 
Domain: E55 Type 
Range: E55 Type 
Quantification: many to many (0,n:0,n) 

Scope note: The property "broaderPartitive" associates an instance of E55 Type "A" with an instance of E55 Type "B", when items of type "A" typically form part of items of type "B", such as "car motors" and "cars". 

It allows Types to be organised into hierarchies. This is the sense of "broader term partitive (BTP)" as defined in ISO 2788 and "broaderPartitive" in SKOS. 

car motors (E55) has broader term cars (E55) 

Heraklion Crete 3/5/2012


The Proposal accepted except the name of property. An example from museum sector is needed. The Property name will be decided in next meeting. 

Heraklion Crete 3/5/2012 

The CRM-SIG accepted the name, the scope note and the examples of this proposal. 
The issue is closed 
Amersfoort 20/11/2012