Issue 332: Properties of S10 Material Substantial of CRMsci

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Posted by Chryssoula on 23/3/2107

Dear  All

The class S10 Material Substantial of CRMsci has the following definition:

S10 Material Substantial

Subclass of:  E70 Thing
Superclass of: S14 Fluid Body
  S11 Amount of Matter
  E18 Physical Thing

Scope note: This class comprises constellations of matter with a relative stability of any form sufficient to associate them with a persistent identity, such as being confined to certain extent, having a relative stability of form or structure, or containing a fixed amount of matter. In particular, it comprises physical things in the narrower sense and fluid bodies. It is an abstraction of physical substance for solid and non-solid things of matter.

P46 is composed of (forms part of): S10 Material Substantial
O15 occupied (was occupied by): E53 Place

It has been proposed in the past to move the CIDOC CRM  properties  P44, P45 and P46  from E18 Physical Thing to E70 Thing for facilitating their inheritance  in S10. The decision of CRM SIG is still pending.


In the 38th joined meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 and the 31st FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the crm-sig did not accepted the  request of moving P44 and P45 to E18. It is proposed to discuss with Carlo on FOL model of relation constraints and CEO to consider how to create a logical construct that will model evolution of knowledge/expansion of domain range.  

Heraklion, April 2017

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