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In the 43rd joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 36th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the crm-sig decided to merge the discussions took place in the issues 333, 359, 369 in the CRMsoc forming a new issue.

Heraklion, March 2019

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Posted by Thanasis on 10/6/2019

Dear all,

Following discussions with Martin I am sending some homework about the
specification of events with which the activity plans are concerned, and
also a revision of the Activity Plan scope note. Also attached.


socExx Event Specification
subclass of : E89 Propositional Object

Scope note:

This class comprises specifications of events by providing necessary or
desirable constraints to their properties, be it on the level of
particular items involved or on the level of kinds of processes, items
or qualities and quantities involved. Such specifications may be used to
recognize that a past or future particular event fits the specification
or for planning future events. Characteristically, instances of this
class may be created to be associated with instances of socExx Activity
Plan, as specification of the kind of event that should trigger the
execution of an Activity Plan. For example, we expect a disaster plan
for a library to be executed when a disaster happens or as part of a
disaster readiness exercise.


* The description of the rainy weather conditions at the location and
date of my wedding (socExx Event Specification) done in advance by my
wedding planner, which was specified to trigger the plan (socExx
Activity Plan) of using a gazeebo.
* The description of the sunny weather conditions at the location and
date of my wedding (socExx Event Specification) done in advance by my
wedding planner, which was specified to trigger the plan (socExx
Activity Plan) of taking photographs at the park.
* The description of the humidity level reached in the museum store room
(socExx Event Specification) done in advance by a preventive
conservator, which was specified to trigger the plan (socExx Activity
Plan) of turning on the dehumidifier.


* socPxx requires event type (is required event type of): E55 Type
(e.g.1 rainy weather and wedding, e.g.2 change of humidity)
* socPxx requires actor role (is required actor role of): E55 Type
(e.g.1 mayor)
* socPxx requires type of thing (is required type of thing of): E55 Type
(e.g., a car)
* socPxx requires place (is required place of): E53 Place (e.g.1 Cardiff
city hall, e.g.2 National Museum Wales store room)
* socPxx requires time-span (is required time-span of): E4 Time-span
(e.g.1 4th of June 2019, e.g.2 winter of 2019)
* socPxx requires actor (is required actor of): E39 Actor (e.g.1 mayor
John Smith)
* socPxx requires material substantial (is required material substantial
of): S10 Material Substantial (e.g.1 wedding ring, e.g.2 air in NMW
store room)
* ?? socPxx requires condition (is required condition): E89
Propositional Object? (e.g.2 that the RH > 20%)


socExx Activity Plan
subclass of: E29 Design or Procedure

Scope note:

This class comprises plans foreseeing specific predefined activities or
kinds of activities taking place. They consist of descriptions of
specific constraints, patterns or types of activities that could be
realized. They may also foresee that the planned activities are realized
at times explicitly foreseen by the actor intending the application of
the plan, for instance, to organize a conference, in which case we may
talk about “active plans”. Alternatively, times of realization may be
foreseen in reaction to external events of a kind foreseen by the plan,
for instance the rescue activity after an earthquake following a rescue
plan, or a penal action in the case of criminal activity according to a
penal code, in which case we may talk about “reactive plans”. The
specification of the related planned or unplanned events can be done
using instances of socExx Event Specification. The fact that an instance
of socExx Activity Plan is linked to an instance of socExx Event
Specification does not require that it will only be executed after
events conforming to that specification take place.
The existence of an instance of Activity Plan does not necessarily imply
the intention of any Actor to apply it. It may be created together,
before or without the will to apply it. For instance, laws are created
before they are passed by parliament. Any Activity Plan may require
specific conditions for it to be applicable. For example, a plan to
excavate a river bank may require that the river is flooded, or my plan
to lime plaster my stone wall requires that it is winter (i.e. wet and


The disaster plan of Tate Archives in case of the Thames flooding.
The proposal for conservation work for MS Greek 418 at the Saint
Catherine library.
Provisions of Law 3730/2008 of the Greek Government against smoking in
work places.


socP100 concerns: socExx Event Specification

socP4 is assessed by: E31 Document

In the 44th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 37th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the sig reviewed the HW by TV regarding the scope note definitions for socExx Event Specification and socExx Activity Plan, plus the properties linking them to other CRM classes. The reviewing process primarily involved editorial work as well as changes in the content. You may find here the editorial work.

Paris, June 2019

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