Issue 434: Scope Note of E52 Time Span

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Posted by Martin on 8/10/2019

Dear All,
This scope note needs revision in the bold parts, I think:

E52 Time-Span

Subclass of:         E1 CRM Entity


Scope note:         This class comprises abstract temporal extents, in the sense of Galilean physics, having a beginning, an end and a duration.


Time Span has no other semantic connotations. Time-Spans are used to define the temporal extent of instances of E4 Period, E5 Event and any other phenomena valid for a certain time. [MD1] A Time-Span may be identified by....

Since our knowledge of history is imperfect, instances of E52 Time-Span can best be considered as approximations of the actual Time-Spans of temporal entities. The properties of E52 Time-Span are intended to allow these approximations to be expressed precisely.  An extreme case of approximation, might, for example, define an instance of E52 Time-Span having unknown beginning, end and duration. Used as a common E52 Time-Span for two events, it would nevertheless define them as being simultaneous, even if nothing else was known[CSO2] .

 Automatic processing and querying of instances of E52 Time-Span is facilitated if data can be parsed into an E61 Time Primitive.


§  1961

§  From 12-17-1993 to 12-8-1996

§  14h30 – 16h22 4th July 1945

§  9.30 am 1.1.1999 to 2.00 pm 1.1.1999

§  duration of the Ming Dynasty (Chan, 2011)

In First Order Logic:

                           E52(x) ⊃ E1(x)

 [MD1]Needs more text…

 [CSO2]Should we keep this?