Issue 535: Pxxx represents instance of type (examples)

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In the 49th CIDOC CRM and 42nd FRBR CRM sig meeting (virtual), upon resolving issue 476, the sig decided to start a new issue on the examples of the newly added property. 

Guidelines for the examples:

  • It must be made clear in the examples that there was a model object represented by the particular E36 Visual Item, and that it served as a type (remains unidentified). For an example instantiating the property represents instance of type woman (E55), there must have been a very specific woman that the statue is shaped to look like. 
  • Distinguish btw representing an unknown particular and representing a concept. The property should only be used when one wants to document that an instance of E36 Visual Item represents an unknown particular of a given type. More examples are needed to make that crystal clear. 
  • The examples should mainly involve photographs. That a photo represents an instance of owl, means that the identity of the particular bird is unknown. But there must have been a photographed object of type owl. 



March 2021

Post by Martin Doerr (10 June 2021)

Dear All,

This homework aims at finalizing issue 535 and 476 with examples for the new property "represents instance of type". Please check.

All the best,


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