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This is a list of references to the CIDOC CRM that have come to our attention. Visitors to this page are kindly invited to inform us of any other references they are aware of. Please mail Dimitris Angelakis.

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The following is a list of presentations that have come to our attention and mention the CIDOC CRM. Visitors to this page are kindly invited to inform us of any other presentations they are aware of. Please mail Dimitris Angelakis.

  1. Richard Smiraglia, Knowledge Sharing and Content Genealogy: Extending the "Works" Model as a Metaphor for Non-Documentary Artifacts With Case Studies of Etruscan Artifacts
  2. Patrick Le Boeuf, Using an ontology-driven system to integrate museum information and library information
    Presented on the occasion of the Symposium on Digital Semantic Content across Cultures, Paris, the Louvre, 4-5 May 2006
  3. Maja Zumer, Patrick Le Boeuf, Conceptual models: museums & libraries towards an object-oriented formulation of FRBR aligned on the CIDOC CRM ontology
  4. Jyrki Simovaara, Finnish Memory Institutions and Ontologies
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