Mark and Inscription Information


Motivation for these graphs has been the Mark and Inscription Information Group of the International Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The CIDOC Information Categories and other domain expert knowledge about marks and inscriptions, as well as interpretation of characteristic database schema elements from relevant collection management systems.

According to the International Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The CIDOC Information Categories, mark and inscription information supports Security, Accountability, Access, and an Historic archive. It enables the retrieval of lost property and the unique identification of otherwise similar objects and can be of particular research significance. In relation to marks and inscriptions the following information categories should be recorded:

  1. Mark/inscription text
  2. Mark/inscription type
  3. Mark/inscription description
  4. Mark/inscription technique
  5. Mark/inscription position
  6. Mark/inscription language
  7. Mark/inscription translation

In the CIDOC CRM the inscription is regarded on one side as a man-made feature (E25) which is found on a place (E53) located on the carrier object (E18). On the other side it is regarded as an immaterial visual item, which can be found on many carriers in the same form.

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