Issue 19: How is the CRM going to be used ?

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In the discussion in Paris, October 2001, the following subjects were identified. The issue is regarded to be finished, if this has been formulated in a comprehensive article:

  • Data integration Data warehouse applications
    • Data pump
  • Query mediation integrated access
  • Data migration
  • Aids to good practice
    • Design validation of data structures
    • Intellectual
    • Communication
  • Archiving and preservation in a stable format of long-term validity

Beyond search of equivalent items across museums, libraries and archives, as envisaged by Dublin Core, the CRM should enable the COMPLETION of information from disparate sources kept in these organisations. Besides others, this will help to find stories in our flat mass data.

In Monterey, February 2002, it was proposed to write an article about the experience of RLG and the Germanische Nationalmuseum Nuremberg using the CIDOC CRM.

Monterey 20/2/2002.

Current Proposal: 

Include discussion of use in Introductory Text (before section on Formalism), immediately after scope statement.

Rethymnon 22/10/2002