44th CIDOC CRM and 37th FRBR CRM

The meeting will  take place on the François-Mitterrrand site, quai François Mauriac, Paris 75013. It is quite a convenient ride
from the city centre, as long as you are staying nearby metro line 14.

As announced, the meeting will be held on the François-Mitterrand site, quai François Mauriac. We will be in the Leibniz meeting room, which is not the most convenient to access but will be equiped with an overhead projector and a wifi connexion. 

Entrance will be in Tower 1 (T1), at the junction of quai François Mauriac and rue Raymon Aron (see map attached). As access to the room is limited to staff only, you will have to be accompanied by people from the Metadata Department, who will be at the front desk each day from 9.15 to lead you to the meeting room.


    In order to be granted access to the building, attendees will need to be registered in the visitor database. I will register every attendee based on the spreadsheet that George sent on Saturday. If anyone plans to attend but hasn't filled out the spreadsheet by Friday evening, they must contact me directly so that I add them to the list, otherwise they will be denied access.
    For security reasons, attendees will need to open all bags and luggage for a quick inspection at the front desk. Please take that into account when making your plans for the day.
    Attendees will be asked to leave an identification document (of any kind, as long as there is a picture of you and your name on it) in exchange for a daily name-tag. They will be given their ID back when they leave the building at the end of the day (or whenever they feel like leaving, of course).
Finally, I think it is best if I give my mobile phone number, so that people can reach me if they have a problem with transportation or a change of plans or anything not going their way: +33 6 89 91 56 18. 

They can also call the Metadata Department Assistant : +33 1 53 79 59 01 / or +33 1 53 79 86 64.

Also, my personal email address is more reliable than my professional one these days, since there is once again a long week-end coming ahead, and you are sure to reach me here: melanie.c.roche@free.fr.”

details in the map