Modeling Cultural Collections for Digital Aggregation and Exchange Environments

This report presents the results of a collaboration between members of the IMLS Digital Collections and Content (DCC) project and developers of the Europeana Data Model (EDM) to construct a formal extension of EDM that explicitly accommodates representation of collections and collection/item relationships. The goal is to enhance the representation facilities of EDM, and to make EDM conducive to representing collection-level data from DCC and other digital content providers. Here we report on the outcomes of the collaboration – use cases, requirements, and recommendations for modeling collections in exchange and aggregation environments – prefaced by a short section covering background on the foundational DCC and Europeana initiatives and an overview of related work in the field

Karen M. Wickett
Antoine Isaac
Katrina Fenloni
Martin Doerr
Carlo Meghini
Carole L. Palmer
Jacob Jett
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Technical paper