Issue 354: Management of issues and workflow

Starting Date: 

In the 39th joined meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 and the 32nd FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, GB Issues about management adjustment proposal and workflow and attribution. In particular

(1) George presented a proposal about issues management and workflow. The crm-sig asked him to formulate a proposal should   in lectical form to be answered by yes or no

(2) we discussed about the procedure of  merge and split issue. It is decided, but not documented, to create another category of open issues. The decisions are:

  • Any sig member can raise an issue and can ask for voting by email
  • Any crm sig members can ask for veto
  • We should describe this procedure on the site.
  • Any decision taken in a meeting cannot be undone to the same meeting

The crm-sig asked GB to write the procedure

Heraklion, October 2017