Issue 153: Activity without products

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Jereme Barth, from IRCAM, gave a presentation about the current IRCAM system, named MUSTICA, and the CASPAR project which is being developed at IRCAM as a successor to MUSTICA. CASPAR is designed to overcome MUSTICA's limitations and is interested in the potential of CIDOC CRM and FRBRoo in that regard. Martin argued that the problems encountered in contemporary music (especially electronic music) are not really new. In particular, he argued that we may never be able to reproduce the initial tune or melody written in a score because the musical instrument that the composer had in mind may be not exist any more. However we always are capable to adapt the music written in a score to contemporary instruments. Therefore we agreed that there may be no similarity between the outcome of an activity and the intended plan.
At this point we made another issue for CRM about design or Procedure. Should the scope of E29 include how to perform an activity without products? In CRM the �Design or Procedure� is defined to making things, not how to do something in general.

The following design was presented:

9th Meeting on FRBR/CRM , Paris

Current Proposal: 

Change the scope note of E29 Design or Procedure in order to include how to do something in general!!


Change the scope note to:activities that may result in the modification or production

Edinburgh 11/7/2007