Mapping Tools

XML2RDF Data Transformation Tool : This generic data transformation tool maps XML data files to RDF files, given a schema matching definition, based on this Mapping Language Schema (available: xsd file [9 Kb]). This tool is developed by Mary Koutraki and is based on Mapping Language for Information Integration2006, Technical Report 385, ICS-FORTH (see above "How to define mappings"). Based on this tool we have created a mapping to transform LIDO format (XML-files) to CIDOC-CRM (RDF-files). 
Available as a java application (with source code): 
-latest version on github XML2RDF Data Transformation Tool [28 Mb] (licensed under a LGPL Licence)
-previous version also available in XML2RDF Data Transformation Tool (version 1.1) (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence, includes as example the LIDO to CIDOC-CRM mapping)

The following document gives advice how to formulate schema matching definitions from any schema to CIDOC CRM : 
Martin Doerr, Mapping format for data structures of the CIDOC CRM , July 2001. Available: rtf file [39 Kb], pdf file [135 Kb]. 

For practical applications you may use the following mapping utility (compatible only with CIDOC CRM version 3.4) which can be used for manual schema matching definition from any schema to CIDOC-CRM: mapping tool (for better comprehension of the utility of mappings see the Data Transformations). The generated mappings by the this tool, follow this dtd.


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