Issue 155: "Right held" and "is owner"

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Christian Emil Ore noticed that according to the CRM one can only own physical thing. One can only hold rights to abstracts/conceptual objects. This is ok. One may also hold rights to physical stuff. Is it possible to imagine ownership without a some kind of legal system? The scope note for E30 
Right: "This class comprises legal privileges concerning material and immaterial things or their derivatives". A fair interpretation of "legal privileges" includes all types of ownership. So it not unnatural to use P105 instead of P51. So should E8 Acquisition be replaced in the following paths by /be a subclass an "Acquisition of right" event or the properties adjusted?

Ownership, event oriented

Full path:
E18 Physical Thing <- P24 Transferred Title of <- E8 Acquisition Event 
-> P22 Transferred title to -> E39Actor

E18 Physical Thing -> P51 has former or current owner -> E39 Actor


Intellectual rights, no event 
Full path in CRM:
E72 Legal Object ->P104 Is subject to -> E30Right <- P75Posesses <- E39Actor

E72 Legal Object->P105Right held by-> E39Actor

This remark came into the light through CRM mapping of the basic Norwegian photo documentation standard that ownership and intellectual rights are mapped by P51 and P105 respectively.

Current Proposal: 

There was a proposal to declare P51 has former or current owner (is former or current owner of).as a subproperty of . We decided to vote by email.

Nuremberg, Dec 2007


We decided that  P105 is a superproperty of P51 and we changed the scope note of P105 to be generalized.
The new scope note follows:

P105 right held by (has right on)

Domain:   E72 Legal Object
Range: E39 Actor
Superproperty of: P52 has current owner (is current owner of)
Quantification: many to many (0,n:0,n)
Scope note:  This property identifies the E39 Actor who holds the instances of E30 Right to an E72 Legal Object. It is a superproperty of P52 has current owner (is current owner of) because ownership is a right that is held on the owned object.
P105 right held by (has right on) is a shortcut of the fully developed path from E72 Legal Object through P104 is subject to (applies to), E30 Right, P75 possesses (is possessed by) to E39 Actor.
  • Beatles back catalogue (E73) right held by Michael Jackson (E21)


Athens, September 2008