Issue 164: Implementation of Primitive Values

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Implementing Primitive Values in RDF/OWL is a great cause of confusion. We need clear guidelines with examples how to represent values on a particular platform.

There is a suggestion to suptype Time-Span and Dimension to describe different numerical encodings of whatever sorts of values. Then, a query system can adapt itself to the specific numerical representation employed.


Old Proposal: 

SIG discussed about how to model primitive values in RDFS version and proposed (1) not to model the Primitive Values as classes, because this causes another indirection that hits heavily on query performance (2) to be written a warning or explanatory text about how to model primitive values

Helsinki 29/1/2010

To write a recommendation

Current Proposal: 

Gordon will send message about SKOS discussion about classes for labels to Group.

P81a_ P81b_ .....

negative interval = boe/eob...

Multiple time-spans for a Temporal Entity are regarded as alternatives.

For the time being no recommendation to omit Time-Span.

Christian Emil and Martin will write up by end of August 2011

Crete 18/05/2011


The proposed recommendation (file 1, file 2) by Christian Emil and Martin Doerr accepted by CRM SIG
Amsterdam, 17 /11/2011