Issue 166: New class: "Activity Plan" IsA E29 Design or Procedure

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A new class to close the gap of the CRM to the whole world of planning is needed.

Old Proposal: 

Scope note:

This class comprises plans to execute instances of E7 Activity in some foreseen future. The planned activities may have any degree of complexity or elaboration. Plans may be made with or without intention to execute them, or the intention to execute them may be abandon before their execution. The actual intention to stick to a plan could be seen as a kind of activity using the plan.

"planned to execute activity of type(is type of activity planned by): E55 Type"
"execution was intended for (is intended execution time of) : E52 Time-Span"
"is intended to be executed during (is intended duration of execution of) : E52 Time-Span"


We decided that it is not yet mature and ready to be discussed.

Helsinki 30/01/2010

Current Proposal: 

Since the notion of identity of future events is unclear or difficult to be defined in an objective way for CRM purposes,

a) dealing with instances of E4 in the future (if they exist at all) will be subject of extensions of the CRM, and not part of the scope of CRM. 

b) a document should be written suggesting the anchors to fit such extensions to the CRM. 

Nuremberg 2010-12-20


To be included in Issue 161 documentation activities.

Crete 18/05/2011