Issue 213: missing property?

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Posted by Christian Emil Ore, 5/07/2012

Dear all
We once had an assistant working in the coin collection. He issued identifiers (E15 and P37) but forgot to place them under the correct coins in the trays...

E13 Attribute Assignment 
P140 assigned attribute to (was attributed by): E1 CRM Entity 
P141 assigned (was assigned by): E1 CRM Entity 

E14 Condition Assessment 
P34 concerned (was assessed by): E18 Physical Thing 
P35 has identified (identified by): E3 Condition State 

E15 Identifier Assignment 
P37 assigned (was assigned by): E42 Identifier 
P38 deassigned (was deassigned by): E42 Identifier 
P142 used constituent (was used in): E41 Appellation 

E16 Measurement 
P39 measured (was measured by): E70 Thing 
P40 observed dimension (was observed in): E54 Dimension 

E17 Type Assignment 
P41 classified (was classified by): E1 CRM Entity 
P42 assigned (was assigned by): E55 Type 

E14, E15, E16 and E17 are subclasses of E13 
P34, P39, P41 are subproperties of P140.

There is no subproperty of P140 for E15. One may of course use P140 instead. From such a point of view P34, P39, P41 are superfluous as well.

Current Proposal: 

The asymmetry is due to the fact that, in contrast to the other cases mentioned above, except for E17, there is no restriction of range to the use of P140 for domains being instances of E15. 

Do nothing

Amersfoort 21/11/2012