Issue 22: How to deal with implementation guidelines

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Implementation guidelines may be handled as a sort of a manual. This would imply a relatively clearly defined scope and methods. It could be handled as a collection of examples. It could further be handled as a news group, and a sort of a portal to respective sites, literature, experiences. Implementation guidelines are closely connected to compatibility predication.

Old Proposal: 

In scope. Working Group 4. 

Define the method and scope of implementation guidelines.

In Monterey, Feb. 2002 it was proposed to separate:

1. Contents questions such as "How to deal with person names"
2. Using the CRM as schema for RDFS, RDBMS, O-O DBMS, XML DTD, XML Schema
3. Compatibility notion.

For point 1, such questions should be systematically gathered.
Monterey 20/2/2002.

Current Proposal: 

Presentations and papers about CRM applications should be placed under the Implementation Guidelines section.


The idea of writing an implementation manual has been abandoned. Instead the group will act as a forum bringing together practical experience from projects and research. 

Oxford 7/10/2003