Issue 43: Scope Notes for Properties

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The need for property scope notes has also been voiced by the ABC/Harmony folks.

Current Proposal: 

The creation of scope notes for properties was distributed to members of the SIG in Paris, October 2001. A was created before the meeting in Monterey February 2002. In this meeting, all draft scope notes were revised. A common style was proposed, and the revised scope notes (second draft ) will be reedited before the 4th CIDOC CRM SIG meeting:

The link statement should not be repeated in the first line of the scope note.
It is useful when you have a reference to a class that you have direct access to its position in the class hierarchy.
The following requirements were identified for property scope notes, to be structured in the given order:

  1. Concise definition of meaning
  2. Usage (including "Is there a shortcut or indirection?")
  3. References
  4. Example
  5. Sub/Super properties
  6. Properties on properties 7
  7. Cardinality (one to many, many to many etc.) 

Every scope not should stand on its own without reference to another scope note. We should handle references to other properties in the same way that we would handle references to other documents. All property scope notes should be harmonized for the use of "consists of" and "falls within". Properties which are short cut by another property should mention this in their property scope note. All of the time-span links would benefit from a diagrammatic representation.

The use of Types should be described in a special chapter, rather than in a scope note.

Monterey 20/2/2002.

The revised scope notes (forth draft) as edited for the 5th meeting that will take place in Rethymnon, proof-read and including proposals until issue 113.


The final scope notes as produced by proof reading from the forth draft and correcting errors following the minutes of the fifth meeting.

Issue closed.