Issue 520: Aggregates/sets of things/referential collections

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In the 48th CIDOC CRM and 41st FRBR CRM sig meeting (virtual), during the discussion about curated holdings vs aggregates/sets of things/referential collections (issue 442), MD mentioned a  white paper produced for EDM-DCC (Modeling Cultural Collections for Digital Aggregations and Exchange Environments), in which were made fundamental distinctions about collections. The basic division of collections distinguishes between: holdings collections (i.e., of items in the custody or control of an organization or curator) vs. referential collections (i.e., referring to, rather than directly holding, its items), then the sig decided  it would be a good starting point to   discuss how to treat other senses like aggregates/sets of things/referential collections as put together for an internet auctions in a new issue. 
HW  assigned to GB, ES, MD, RS to work on that and asked MD to share the Europeana white paper with them. 

October 2020


Robert Sanderson notes (8 June 2021): 

I did read the shared document, but don't know what else is needed at this point. In Linked Art we minted a new class: la:Set, which represents the mathematical set of entities, rather than the politically charged "collection" with the requirements for a collection strategy, and so on.  and 

It would be a super-class of Group and Collection -- anything which has members, rather than parts.



Post by Thanasis Velios (26 October 2022) 

Just for easy future reference the white paper that Martin mentioned is here: