Issue 643: P156 occupies & P7 took place at – inverse shortcuts

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In the 56th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 &49th FRBR/LRMoo SIG, upon discussing issue 613 the SIG resolved to start a new issue concerning the relation of the fully articulated paths that P156 & P7 shortcut over, to said properties. 

Things to consider: 

  • Make sure that the definition of P156 is complete wrt. the reasoning for reference spaces.
  • P156 and P7 form inverse shortcuts as long as the reference space remains constant. 
  • The statement found in P7, namely: “Therefore, this property implies the more fully developed path from E4 Period through P161 has spatial projection, E53 Place, P89 falls within to E53 Place, where the intermediate place is also defined in the same geometric system. Both places are defined in the same geometric reference system.” can serve as a blueprint for P156.  

AG shared with the SIG a model on spatial relations and how it overlaps with the CRM –the document can be found here. And it must be considered for issue 492 as well. 
HW: CEO to formulate the issue. 


Crete, May 2023

In the 57th CIDOC CRM & 50th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, CEO walked the SIG through the HW he prepared –an exploration of the inferences that can be drawn from instances of P156 occupies and P7 took place at. The details of the HW (graphical representation that matches the FOL statements) and the ensuing discussion can be found here

Summary of decisions

  • Wrt P7 took place at
    • leave the scope note for P7 took place at as is, do not declare it an inverse shortcut. 
    • Enhance the scope note and FOL of P89
    • Start a new issue (see: 655) on the complexity of axioms that constitute shortcuts 
  • Wrt P156 occupies
    • Do not make P156 an inverse shortcut either (especially seeing as the inference is bidirectional)
    • Change the scope note to make sure that either side of the axiom implies the other (“is equivalent to”).


Marseille, October 2023.


CIDOC CRM v7.2.4 has been edited accordingly, the issue can close. 


Closed on the grounds of there being nothing left to do. 

Available Documents: