Issue 67: How to model birth of living beings in general

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The scope note for E67 Birth currently reads "The birth of a human being." The scope of BIRTH could be usefully extended to included other life forms. Date of birth, place of birth, parentage are often recorded by zoological collections in "stud books", particularly for endangered species. Information on date, place and circumstances of birth ("hatch date" for birds) may also be a legal requirement for import and export of live specimens. 
Similar information is recorded by botanical gardens for their specimes: date of planting, date of germination, etc. Software packages offer fields to record this sort of information, e.g. BG-BASE uses "sowing date" and "germination date(s)" as part of the "propogations" table. 
Extending the scope of E67 will require modification of the properties. Parents are currently assumed to be instances of E21 PERSON :-
by mother (gave birth): Person
from father (was father for): Person.

It might therefore be preferable to create separate sub-classes for the beginning of existence of various types of biological entitites. 
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Current Proposal: 

In the Monterey Meeting, 22/2/2002., in presence of Natural History experts, it was proposed:

The birth of living beings in general is sufficiently covered by the entity Begin of Existence.


The birth of living beings in general is sufficiently covered by the entity Begin of Existence (see issue 99).

Proposal accepted, Copenhagen 2/7/2002.