Applicability of CIDOC CRM in Digital Libraries

As a part of the SYNAT   national research project, the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center
(PSNC) Digital Libraries Team has been working to create the Integrated Knowledge System for science. (The
sources are digital museums, libraries, archives, and scientific information systems). The first step was
examining the ontologies used to describe the mentioned types of resources with hope of finding one ontology
expressive enough to describe all kinds of sources. As CIDOC CRM is often mentioned in the context of
intermediate representations for schema mapping, its applicability was examined.   The obtained knowledge representation is stored in an RDF
repository, hereinafter referred to as the knowledge base. 
The SYNAT project is funded by the Polish National Center for Research and Development (grant no SP/I/1/77065/10) and coordinated by ICM (University of Warsaw)
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Cezary Mazurek
Justyna Walkowska
Krzysztof Sielski
Marcin Werla
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