FRBRoo v. 2.4

FRBR, object-oriented definition and mapping from FRBRER, FRAD and FRSAD

International Working Group on FRBR and CIDOC CRM Harmonisation

Announcement Date : 
November 2015
Chryssoula Bekiari, Martin Doerr, Patrick Le Bœuf, Pat Riva
Allen H. Renear
Carlos Lamsfus
Christian-Emil Ore
Chryssoula Bekiari
Dolores Iorizzo
Guillaume Boutard
Günther Görz
Jérôme Barthélémy
João Alberto de Oliveira
Maja Žumer
Martin Doerr
Max Jacob
Mika Nyman
Pat Riva
Patrick Le Bœuf
Richard Smiraglia
Stephen Stead
Trond Aalberg
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