Issue 523: didactic material for the properties of E93 Presence

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In the 48th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 41st FRBR-CIDOC CRM Harmonization Meetingupon resolving issue 507, the sig decided that it should sketch a set of didactic principles to way to explain to CIDOC CRM users how to use the Presence construct in historical documentation. Diagrams for P164 should be part of the issue. In general, the material from STVs should come in handy.

October, 2020




Current Proposal: 

In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the SIG appointed MD to produce HW (how to use the construct of E93 Presence and its properties). Diagrams and all. 


May 2022

Post by Martin Doerr (26 March 2023)

Dear All,

I propose to illustrate the Presence construct with frst part of the travel of Humboldt to Venezuela (HW):

Take the travels of Alexander von Humboldt. Many of his whereabouts do not qualify as activities.

Use as sources:

Actors: Aime Bonpland, Alexander von Humboldt

  • 1799, June 5 to June 19: MOVE from from La Coruna, Spain to Tenerife island, Spain, 
  • 1799, June 20 to June 24 PRESENCE in Tenerife island, Spain, PRESENCE on Pico de Teide summit, meeting the Dragon Tree still living today. Existing Illustrations. 
  • 1799 June 25 to July 16 MOVE from from Tenerife island, Spain to Cumana, (today in Venezuela)
  • 1799 July 17 to November 17 PRESENCE in Cumana, travel inland, PRESENCE in Cumana
  • 1799 18. bis 21. Nov. MOVE from Cumana to Caracas (today in Venezuela)

If this is regarded a good case, please give me feed back and help with graphics. I have read the complete publication in German on Kindle. All places and times in it are very precise.

Other cases would be witnesses of olitical events, such as French Revolution, that happened to be in the city at respective times. Famous became the discovery of a diary of a mercenary in the sacking of Magdeburg, but the content has not yet been published. These uses of Presence allow for collecting material from people around important social developments.

I do not have access to such cases, and would need help to find them.



Post by Gerald Hiebel (28 March 2023)

Dear Martin and all,


I like the idea to illustrate the Presence construct with the first part of the travel of Humboldt to Venezuela and would be happy to help with graphics.

As I am not the best designer, first I would try to represent your suggested moves and presences in RDF with coordinates to put them on a map.

Thus we could also explore how to query the presence construct and what’s the difference to other representations.

Would that help?




In the 56th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 &49th FRBR/LRMoo SIG, the SIG reviewed the HW that MD presented (the first part of the trip of A.von Humboldt to Venezuela modelled through E93 Presence and properties).  
It was decided that it should be referenced by the didactic material for learning the E93 Presence construct, as it allows partitioning narratives into distinct chunks. 

For the details of the decisions and assigned HW see the attached document.

Crete, May 2023. 

In the 57th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 &50th FRBR/LRMoo SIG, the SIG reviewed the HW by GH (a visualization of the trip of A von Humboldt to Venezuela). The slide deck of the presentation can be found here

How to move forward

The presentation of the reasoning about the whereabouts of A. von Humboldt should be presented on a par with the reasoning concerning Nero’s whereabouts during the Great Fire of Rome. 

Aside the visualizations, the overall document should consist of an introduction that summarizes the goals and structure of the document (plus basic premises where necessary). This has been done in part by AG, who has drafted a document that does exactly that. It can be found here
The document should appear under Methodology. 

HW: GH to collate the introduction, graphics and serialization, in collaboration with AG. 

Marseille, October 2023