What is the PRESSoo?

The PRESSoo is a formal ontology intended to capture and represent the underlying semantics of bibliographic information about continuing resources, and more specifically about periodicals (journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.). PRESSoo is an extension of FRBRoo, which in turn is an extension of CIDOC CRM. FRBROO is an ontology of the underlying semantics of bibliographic information in general; it already deals with continuing resources, but at a very general level, and does not go into all the specific details required by the description of periodicals.

Continuing resources pose a particular modelling issue, in that their descriptions do not only reflect characteristics of existing products, but also, as long as the described resource still is being published, the expected characteristics of future behaviour.

The PRESSoo has been approved by CRM-SIG

What is the idea?

The main difference between cataloguing a monograph and cataloguing a serial could be expressed as follows: when you catalogue a monograph, you make statements about the past; when you catalogue a serial, you both make statements about the past and assumptions about the future. The CIDOC CRM model does not strive to model assumptions about the future; but it does declare a class that accounts for planned behaviours (no matter whether they were planned in the past or are still currently planned), E29 Design or Procedure. This class proved extremely useful, and even central, when developing the PRESSOO model, as it was used as a superclass for Z12 Issuing Rule, which refers to elements of the policy established by the editor and/or publisher of a continuing resource. 


Text status: 
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